Map of Israel and Judah during the Reign of Jehoshaphat

Most Bible atlases do not cover this period in the history of the Kings of Israel and Judah. This map was created to fill that gap. It has been designed to be printed as an A5 size Bible insert.

Harmony of the Reigns of Jehoshaphat and Ahab

Unable to find a harmony of the resigns of Jehoshaphat and Ahab, I created this one using Bruno Kolberg’s dating of the Hebrew Kings, and Benedict Zuckerman’s calculations of the Sabbath years.

Map of the Reforms and Reign of Josiah

Most bible atlases and commentaries present an overly expansive and generally unrealistic picture of Josiah’s kingdom. This map was created to give a more realistic portrayal of the political situation at the time and show the extent of Josiah’s influence and reforms.

Timeline of the Reign of Josiah

This timeline involves some speculation about when the prophets delivered their oracles but was intended to give a sense of the time, and the interaction between Josiah, the prophets and the events surrounding them.

Israel and Judah during the Reign of Uzziah

This was another period often skipped over in the Bible atlases.

Timeline of the Reign of Hezekiah

Unfortunately most recorded events in Hezekiah’s life take place within a couple of years and so this timeline is not so clear around that period. It still needs some work.

Proposed Chronology of the Book of Jeremiah

This is a proposed chronology of the events and prophecies in the book of Jeremiah.

Chronology of the Period of the Judges

This proposed chronology harmonises the book of the Judges and the events of Ruth and early Samuel.

Map of David in Exile

Map of the events in David’s life from his anointing to his coronation in Hebron (1 Sam 16 – 2 Sam 2)