Poster Map of Old Testament Israel for North American Customers

Our map of Old Testament Israel is the largest and most detailed map of Biblical Israel available online. To ensure fast turnaround we produce our posters using local print partners. Not all print options are available in all countries. For our North American customers our map is available in four sizes:

  • Small – 28 x 48 inches
  • Large – 32 x 55 inches – Recommended Size
  • Huge – 39 x 67 inches
  • Massive – 46 x 79 inches

We are now taking all of our orders through the Etsy Marketplace. Customisation of the design for your specific purpose may be possible if you contact us prior to ordering.


Our map of Biblical Israel is the largest and most detailed map of Old Testament Israel available online. Beautifully designed and containing a wealth of scriptural information this map is the ideal solution for Sunday Schools and bible study classes.

No other map on the market contains so many places mentioned in the Old Testament along with geographical landmarks. Initially designed as a wall poster 32 x 55 inches, this map is also available in three other sizes.

  • This map contains every village, town and city mentioned in the Old Testament (excluding cities mentioned only in the district lists of Joshua)
  • Original forest cover in ancient Israel (plus the Cedar forests of Lebanon); roads, highways and the two major climactic regions.a
  • The locations of the 12 Tribes of Israel, surrounding nations plus the locations of minor tribes and remnant peoples and the hometowns of the judges.
  • The locations of the Levitical cities, the cities of refuge and the birth places of the judges of Israel.
  • Contour lines indicating major topographical features such as significant mountains and valleys
  • A small number of archaeological sites present during, but unmentioned by the biblical record.

Note: Towns and cities mentioned only in the district list of Joshua have been removed for reasons of clarity, however this layer is available for those who want it. Just send me an email when you place your order.