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Map of Every Place in Old Testament Israel

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Searching for large, detailed wall maps illustrating Biblical geography?


Our map of Old Testament Israel is the largest and most detailed map of Biblical Israel available online.

No other map on the market contains every single village, town and city mentioned in the Old Testament along with geographical places and landmarks and whole lot of other information. Designed to be printed as a wall poster 80cm by 130cm (2.6 x 4.5 ft), this map is provided as a vector file, meaning that it can be printed at any size without losing definition.

Currently this map is available as a digital download with two options: you can purchase the map as a PDF file for printing, or you can get the original vector and use the file for your own projects.

The map contains 23 separate layers that can be hidden or made visible in your PDF viewer allowing you to customise your poster further by removing information you do not want.

Map Layers

  • Every village, town and city in the Old Testament (Cities mentioned only in the district lists of Joshua included on a separate layer)
  • Original forest cover in ancient Israel (plus Cedar forests of Lebanon)
  • Roads and Highways
  • The two major climactic regions (deserts and wilderness v fertile regions)
  • Locations of the 12 Tribes of Israel, surrounding nations plus the locations of minor tribes and remnant peoples
  • Location of Levitical cities and cities of Refuge
  • Contour lines indicating major topographical features such as significant mountains and valleys
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Some (limited) archaeological sites not mentioned in the Bible
  • Locations of the Judges
  • Optional layer showing borders of Israel and surrounding nations during the time of the monarchy.

Variations Available

For clarity, this version excludes some of the towns and cities mentioned only in the district lists of Joshua.
This version includes the towns and villages mentioned only in the district lists of Joshua.
This version shows the borders of Israel and it's neighbours during the period of the monarchy
A simplified version designed for viewing at a distance

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